Friday, October 1, 2010

World Cardmaking Day!!!

Happy Friday!  Tomorrow is world cardmaking day ... so why not celebrate by making a card!  I love making cards ... and i don't have loads of stamps, so sometimes i make my cards without stamping a sentiment on the front ... this works for me as i can always grab a premade card and write whatever i want on the inside ... that way i'm not panicking trying to pull together a last minute card.   I also use these little non stamped cards to randomly mail out to friends and family ... you know its one thing to email someone a greeting, but i find everyone just loves getting a random card in the mail with a cheery handwritten note inside.  And speaking of hand written ... did you know that some schools are dropping cursive writing after grade 5?  .... with all of our techy devices, we as a society do not write much ... except maybe the odd signature on a document or form ... so include some of that good old fashioned cursive writing on your handmade card and send some sunshine ... make someone know you are thinking of them and brighten a day!


  1. Love the Effiel tower one and the design of the owl one! Great job on all of them!