Friday, October 22, 2010

All About Me Challenge by Chriss Hird

There are so many things we love to scrap...our kids, families, special occasions, the every day. But how often do we scrap ourselves? If you're like me, not all that often. But when you think about it, why don't we? We tell the stories or everyone else's lives in our scrapping, why not our own?

I thought long and hard about this challenge (and that's why I'm late in posting lol!). My inspiration was one of my all-time favourtie quotes. The thing is, that it highlights my "maybe not so good" traits...but its so true of me, at times ;) And why not scrap about who we really are, great and not so great?

So here I am:

I really had fun with this challenge and I hope it inspires you to tell your story, however you decide to tell it ;)

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