Friday, October 22, 2010

What About You Challenge ... Jo West

... or as I like to say ... it's all about me!  and that's what we want to inspire you to do this week ... something all about me ... but in your case, all about you!  If you have never scrapped yourself before I urge you to consider starting ... no, its not something done out of vanity ... it's something that leaves a bit of you for future generations ....

I am blessed in that i have a lot of wonderful vintage family photos ... and i look at them an wonder .... wonder why my grandmother is smiling, wonder what my mother was thinking as she is sitting on top of that car ... wonder what their thoughts were at certain ages ... what they did on a daily basis ... what they felt, imagined, dreamed, wished for ... so let's record a little of that kind of information for future generations so that they don't have to wonder and they do have an idea.

I have done several All About Me projects ... from a one page layout ... just showing the events of a random day all the way to a complete 8 1/2 x 11 album, which is a compendium of me ... one page for each letter of the alpha, full of journalling all about ... yeah me ...  that one took 26 weeks to complete ... I did one letter a week ... but it is comprehensive ...

One of my favourite projects was a box with a series of 10 teeny tiny books.  Each book covered one subject, such as my favourite people, my music, my friends and family etc ... this was a wonderful little project and it was a snapshot of my fave's at the age of 50.  

So take the challenge ... do an all about you project, be it a page or an album ... it's time to celebrate you and leave something for future generations to learn from ...


  1. Awesome inspiration challenge Jo!

  2. Whoops, didn't work the first time I tried to post (I think). Thanks again for a great challenge, I really enjoyed this one. It's now up on my blog here:


  3. I just love your box with the teeny tiny books Jo! What a wonderful treasure for your daughter! I remember you working on this at Timberline one year.