Friday, October 1, 2010

World Card Making Day Challenge - by Erica Perkins

All over the malls, I see card shops closing or moving to smaller locations. Is that because people are giving and sending less cards, or because more people are making their own? Well seeing that there is an entire day devoted to making cards, I'll go with the later option. I have to admit, card making is not my strong suit. I'm not that good at it, but it doesn't stop me, I just stamp a little here, glue some paper there and go with it. So we challenge you to make some cards this weekend, I know that I'll be doing that at the BC Crop 4 Kids tomorrow. And if you need some ideas of ones to make, well, October 5th is National Teacher Appreciation day and I'm sure the teachers in your life would love to receive a card from you and your family with a few nice words.

Or check out the card challenge back here on Monday for some more inspiration. Or heck, scraplift the ones Jo and I have posted for you today.

And remember, there are no rules to card making, they come in all shapes and sizes. Have fun, play with shapes, colours and layer them up.


  1. You have done such a wide range of cards -- they all look great. I love the japanese styled one and the set with the green/brown colour combo! Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous cards Erica ... and i happen to think that you are very good at making cards ... so keep creating them!!!