Friday, January 28, 2011

List It Challenge by Sonja McLean

Every Christmas, my oldest son gives me a sketch book for the upcoming year to make notes, lists and sketches. This year, he bought me a blank journal by Ecojot. It's 7x10 in size and raw cardboard. At first, I was disappointed that it wasn't already decorated (Ecojot makes some pretty cool designs). But then I thought about the creative possibilities. I decided to list all the words that would inspire a positive and productive year ahead. Here it is:

The whole journal is done with stamps in my favourite colours. The background is done in faint musical notes. There are five symbols on my journal. The heart represents by oldest, Isaiah, who is always full of love. The smiley face is Charlie, whose smile lights up my life. The flower is Abby, my delicate blossom. And finally, Lilah, the hand print, because she's always making an impression. The stars represent me, the North Star in particular, the only star in the sky that doesn't move, which reminds me to be constant, unwavering...a guide for those who rely on me.

Hope you like it:) Happy Listing!

Supplies: stamps by Cornish Heritage, Hampton Arts, Fontwerks, Technique Tuesday, Stampin Up and Autumn Leaves, ink by Versafine and Stamping Up.

"List It" Challenge - by Cari Locken

I love lists. I make them all the time. I mean ... ALL THE TIME!! However, I don't do it all the time when I'm scrapbooking. I do like the simple look of them though. Adding just a few points here and there is often easier than coming up with sentences of journaling. So if you struggle with journaling try making some lists.

Here are a few examples of layouts that I've done using this type of journaling.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 28, 2011 - List It Challenge!

TGIF! The kick-off to another weekend - hopefully one that allows for a little creative playtime!

Our challenge this week is to use a list format for journalling. 'Top Ten' list, 'Five Favorite', 'Reasons Why...' - the more I think about it, the more lists I can think of. Lettered, numbered, bulleted, point form - so many different ways to do it. Journalling can sometimes seem like a chore for some people, and sometimes it doesn't come easily. By writing information in a list format, it can ease the seeming 'formality' of writing and maybe make it easier to just jot down a few key points, details, or thoughts. A list-style of journalling can also look very stylistic.

Give this challenge a try, have fun with it, and share the end result with us by leaving us a comment with a url where we can go to take a look!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Card Challenge: "Hi" Clear Card

Hi Everyone. Just a little card to brighten someone's day. Hope you like it:)

Supplies: Pageframes clear card, American Crafts Thickers, Jenni Bowlin journaling die-cut, May Arts ribbon, Prima flowers, Basic Grey Doilies/rub-ons/brad.

Card Challenge - Hello/Thinking of You

Do you ever have the blues? (I know I do, in fact it's been that way lately for me because of all the rain we've been having). Do you find that you've lost touch with some dear friends or just don't get to see them that often? Well, we all need a pick-me-up sometimes don't we?

This card challenge today was to create cards with the theme of "hello" and "thinking of you".
Here are a few cards with that in mind.

Hope you're inspired to create these types of cards for a friend or family member.

Monday, January 24th, 2011 Card Challenge - 'Send A Little Sunshine'!

Happy Monday! What better way to add a little sunshine to an often unappreciated day than by spending a little time exercising your creative abilities? In my little corner of the world, it is a very grey, very rainy morning and so what better excuse do I need to cocoon away with my scrapping supplies?

Today's card challenge is to 'Send A Little Sunshine' in the way of a 'Thinking of You' or 'Hello' other words, a little bit of unexpected happy mail for somebody you care about.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finishing Unfinished Projects Challenge by Virginia

Firstly, I do apologize for my late posting. After weeks of dodging the stomach flu, I finally succumbed last week! Hopefully that will be it for the season!

Now the challenge...I have several unfinished layouts. They sit neatly in my 12x12 desk box...and they continued to sit in my desk box. All they needed was some journaling or a title or a special accent. But time passes by and there they sit. Here is a sampling of the unfinished layouts!

Some of my layouts are years old - that is how long they have been neatly stored. It is so long ago that my style has changed too! Here are a few that I completed!

Supplies:  Close to my Heart (cardstock); BasicGrey (pattern paper); American Crafts (alphas); stitching; Versamagic (chalk ink)

Supplies:  Urban Lily (folio, pattern papers and large number on the inside); Heidi Swapp (alphas); Prima (pattern paper for paper flowers); EK Success (punch)

Supplies:  Close to my Heart (cardstock); Kiki Art (pattern papers, chipboard heart); American Crafts (alphas and numbers)

So that is 3 down and countless to go!!! Ha ha ha! Now that I am on a roll, I think I'll clean out my box of unfinished layouts! Are you with me?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 22, 2011 - The 'Git 'er done' Challenge!

Hello, and Happy Friday!! Today's challenge has been affectionately dubbed the 'Git 'er done' challenge because it's all about, well, getting it done! You know, the half-finished layouts and projects that you've got tucked away/set aside, just waiting for the perfect embellishment, or journalling, or that last spark of creativity to finish off with. I myself have a whole bin dedicated to partially finished stuff. If I actually finished even half of it, I would look like some kind of power scrapper - I could fill a whole album with stuff that's been started but not finished. Please tell me I'm not the only one?! (I KNOW I'm not!!)

So, don't delay!! This weekend, right now, pull out those masterpieces-in-waiting, pour yourself a hot beverage of choice, put on a little background music or a movie perhaps, know what's coming, right? GIT 'ER DONE!!! Then post a comment with a link so we can gaze upon the fruits of your labour!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Jan 14th - Old Photo Challenge

This weekend our challenge is old photos. Photos from before digital cameras and digital editing. You know that box you have sitting over there, full of old film pictures? Pull them out and lets get them in the book!

If you don't have any of these laying around or stuffed in a box, because they are all scrapped; you are my hero!!! Seriously!!

I worked with some old heritage photos my MIL gave me. I did scan them - because she wanted them back - but I did not do any editing on them. I just printed as is.

I also left the journal spots empty for my MIL to fill in as much information as she recals.

I think besides being so happy to have these scrapped, I am also happy to have used up some OLD supplies!! Stuff I have had sitting around for years!!

I hope you have a wonderfully scrappy weekend!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blown out and bright?

I was checking this site on a friends computer today and noticed that my cards looked VERY blown out and extremely bright in this POST. I was wondering if other people saw it that way too? When the images appear that way so much gets lost.
On my monitor, my images and the rest of the DT's images are fine.
I have calibrated my monitor with a program:


It is a free program for Window users. I like it, but not sure how other people are seeing the images on this site. Maybe my settings are set too dark?
Could you leave a comment on what you see when viewing our images, please?
Thanks so much! We want to make sure you are seeing the best version possible.

Monday, January 10 - First Card Challenge of 2011...

Hello, and Happy New Year!! I'm not a big New Year's Eve party person, and I'm not one for resolutions either, but I do feel a sense of renewal and rejuvenation on January 1st. That's the day we pack Christmas away around here, which gives a great sense of completion and closure to the season and allows me to turn my thoughts to what's ahead. I thought that a great card challenge to kick off the beginning of another year of birthdays is to build up a selection of cards ahead of time.

I am so guilty of being a last-minute person. In fact, one of my mottos is: If it wasn't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done! This posting is a classic example. Card challenges at The Inspired Scrapper come out on (every second) Monday. It's Tuesday today. Need I say more? Another saying I find myself using a lot is, "A day late and a dollar short". (Sigh...) If I were to try a resolution on for size, it would be to plan (and execute) ahead. It has been noted that it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark!

The wonderful Debby Visser was, of course, capable of getting her posting for this challenge done on time, as seen in her posting below. Debby says that her 'lady' cards are more available than masculine or child-friendly birthday cards. It is the same for me. I find it somehow easier to whip out feminine cards, but not so much cards suitable for men, and rarely cards for kids. So, I have feminine cards aplenty for this challenge, but NO cards for men or kids.

My plan/intention/wish is to spend some time today focusing just on cards for the men and the children in my family and my social circles whose birthdays are ahead this year. I find that once I sit down and actually get started, the mojo starts flowing pretty easily. Without making promises I can't keep, I will say that I hope to post those cards here soon.

In the meantime, I challenge you to get a great start to this year's coming occasions by getting going on your cards. One last saying that applies: Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it! Be sure to share with us what you come up with by leaving a comment and a link on this post!

Enjoy the process!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Cards by Debby Visser

Feels like forever since I posted here!
We had a very busy Christmas/New Year season, which left me with NO motivation or desire to create, or even step into my scrapbook room.
But I am happy things are back to normal and I am back to playing!
How have all of you been? Have you been creating or have you been like me and just too 'pooped' to play?

Today the card challenge was birthdays.
Birthday cards are always good to have on hand. For me I have lots of 'lady' birthday cards. You know flowers and frills, but kid birthday cards or male birthday cards are in short supply.
That is my goal this month!
So I have started with this cute little card for younger children/babies.

The bear paper I found at my local dollar store, the little squares of bears on one side and paw prints on the other; sooo cute!

When I create cards I always try to make 2 at the same time. I have the supplies out anyways and it puts more cards in the stash. Usually I try to change them a little, but sometimes I make them identical.

Here is another set I created

I used fabric and my big shot to cut out those flowers, then stitched a button in the middle. Very simple and easy.

I hope you get the chance to play along and create a few cards. And if you do, don't forget to share with us!
I am off to create some 'manly' cards! lol
Enjoy your day

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

...and just in time too! By the end of each year, I am always ready for a fresh start! Without meaning to sound like I'm quoting from the latest and greatest miracle face cream ad campaign, there is just something about a new year that restores and rejuvenates!

Here at the Inspired Scrapper, we will be posting our first inspiring challenge this coming Monday - a great new card challenge for 2011. You won't want to miss it! Our scrapbooking-related challenges will resume the following week. In the meantime, sit down with a hot (caffeinated?!) beverage, and scroll back through the past year's worth of ideas and eye candy featured here, and get your creative juices pumping. Let's ALL get a roaring good start on 2011's creative pursuits!!