Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween by Debby Visser

Wow Erica and Susan did fabulous jobs with this challenge! I love the house, might try that but for Christmas instead; as Halloween is too soon for me to get it done. And I love the mini book Susan did, such a great idea! I bet the kids love it.

Around here, Halloween can last all year, well the dressing up part anyways. All 3 of my boys have 'costume trunks' and they are always digging in them. They will even dress up any friends that come over, including adults! lol

Here is my youngest as 'Jaxonstein', this costume is too small this year. Makes me kinda sad when we have to say goodbye to some of them.

Getting good pictures at night can be difficult, so I had my kids dress up early and we took photos on the lawn before dinner.

Halloween also means trips to the pumpkin patch. Last year I went along and got some great shots, so many in fact that I created pocket pages so I could include them all on one double page spread.

I am working on another page right now from this years pumpkin patch trip. Hope to have loaded on my blog this weekend. I am using FAB papers by Magenta Style. They have such rich coloured papers.

I hope you get a chance to get creative this weekend! And stay safe while out trick-or-treating!!


  1. I love how you used the pockets to hold extra pictures! Great idea!!

  2. love the pockets! and the jaxonstein layout is totally adorable!