Friday, November 19, 2010

Inanimate Object Challenge ~ Jo West

Every once in a while i find myself taking pictures of inanimate objects ... and very random inanimate objects at that. The challenge this week is to dig through your photos, find a picture of such an object and scrap it ... that's right, scrap it!  It doesn't have to be your best picture ... it doesn't have to be something in your home, as long as it is totally inanimate.

In this layout I scrapped my daughters new sneakers ... i just wanted to do this to capture a moment in time and fashion where these classic old sneakers were having a major fashion revival ....

This next inanimate object is a telephone pole downtown that was filled with flyers ... the art on the pole really caught my eye ... the journalling (which is almost always on the back of my layouts) is a commentary on communication styles from the old billboard to the current message board/social network.  Sometimes scrapping photos such as this bring a lot of interesting thoughts forward, and they are fun to document ... i can only wonder what someone reading this 25 years from now will think of the evolution of communication.  Sorry for the quality of this photo, I get very poor light into my home during the grey days of fall and winter.  This page is actually done on white cardstock ... there are no yellow tones.

I did some old school stuff on this layout ... using paint around the edges of the photo & acrylic butterflies ... I also heated the acrylic butterflies so that the wings look like they are swooping in air.  I also used a kraft shopping bag from one of my fave stores .... i just really liked the graphics!

I hope you all get a chance to get out and take some interesting inanimate object photos, enjoy documenting these little glimpses of your life & your opinions or musings ... cheers!


  1. I love, LOVE, love these layouts! I especially love "post no bills" So edgy and current!! Great job on the challenge.

  2. Jo, I love all three of these layouts, but I totally agree with Susan on 'Post No Bills' - current and edgy, absolutely!!! LOVE what you've done with this challenge!! :)

  3. so artistic! the colors! the layout! enjoyed looking at them!