Friday, November 5, 2010

Imperfect Photo Challenge - Jo West

Happy Friday everyone!!!  scrapping imperfect photos is something i do on a very regular basis ... when my child was born there were no digital cameras ... I had an old point & shoot film camera that took poor quality photos ... so if I am scrapping younger years photos, they are almost always flawed in more than one way.

My daughter and her friends are always snapping shots of each other ... and thats just it ... snapping shots ... caught up in the moment, having fun, forgetting to change camera settings .... and the results can be horrible .... but the thing is ... they capture a moment ... a memory that is so good that the "not so perfect photo" becomes perfect as it encapsulates the memory, the sight, sounds and feelings of the moment ...  And hey, like my daughter always tells me ... life is not perfect, either are photos ... scrap the ones that resonate with you (yes, all of this from a 21 yo non-scrapper ... gasp ... but that's a story for another time.)

The photo i used in this layout was one of her faves from a special night out with friends ... and as soon as she showed it to me i knew i would use it ... see how the photo is blurry going up and down ... totally reminded me of that classic old tv show Star trek and the whole "Beam me up Scottie" line that i ended up using as a title.

This photo is almost square in shape ... That's because i cropped off a whole lot of the rest of the picture.  Cropping is a fave technique i use when working with imperfect photos.  There are other little techniques i employ as well ...

For the tech minded people, try fixing your photo as much as possible through Photoshop or other similar program.  You can also try painting out the background of an imperfect photo ... paint it out in a colour that matches the papers or embellishments you are using, or paint it white and journal on top of the dried paint.  You can also use embellishments & rub ons to disguise a problem photo ... you can even place your title over a problem area.  And my final technique is to just cut out the figure and use only it on your layout ...

so use those not so great photos ... remember that you are scrapping real moments in real life and not perfection and just have a whole lot of fun with it!  Have a great weekend all!

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