Friday, November 5, 2010

Imperfect Photos Challenge by Susan Tutt

Happy November everyone!! Todays challenge is using imperfect photos on a layout. I am the ultimate mamarazzi, but as many photos as I take sometimes I don't always get that perfect photo. Occasionally I use imperfect photos because they capture an emotion or a memory that I just want to remember.

On this Fall Days layout I used photos with heads cut off!! Oh my....I know thats bad right. But these photos capture the excitement and action of my kids playing in the fall leaves.

This Christmas layout uses snipets of photos that capture favorite pieces of our holiday season.
I cropped photos that I would not have used as full sized on a layout because they were not visually pleasing.

Today rethink about those photos that you have put in do not scrapbook pile. Use a photo that may not be perfect, but captures and emotion or an unforgettable event!

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