Friday, August 13, 2010

Music Inspired Challenge by Chriss

When I sat down and really thought about this challenge, I realized how much music is a part of our daily lives. We aren't a musically talented gang over here, but we do love to listen to it, crank up the volume at times and of course dance like crazy fools! We agree some of the same music, but we also all have our own likes and dislikes as well. This got me to thinking about each one of us, as an individual, singular, one. But when you put us all together, we create something spectacular - a family. And like the writing of a song, we may not get it right the first time, the second time, or even the twelfth time, but we'll keep writing and re-writing. What we end up with is a beautiful song. The song wouldn't be complete without each distinct component, each note...each family member.

My "piano" needed a punch of colour. I created my own coordinating brads with Stampin' Up's Build-A-Brad. The patterned paper is old Collage Press from my stash. I used black satin ribbon to define my "piano keys".

And I found I needed little journaling - just enough to get my thought across:

I found these music notes, used on the bottom of the page, on my Cricut cartridge, "Joys of the Season".

This is a simple layout, but one of the most endearing I've ever completed. It means a lot to me, and my family as well.

Here's a layout from a few years ago that fit the bill! I'm the type of music listener who pays attention to the lyrics, whereas my husband hears the music itself. These lyrics, from one of my favourite Dixie Chicks songs, summed up my love for my eldest daughter:

I absolutely love this layout! I know its rather busy, but it fit her at the time! Notice the pink streaked hair (the only way I could bribe her to go to school in Grade One!), the pierced angel wing, the grunged up text. Yet at the same time, it's flowery, feminine, and pink! At this stage, she was growing up too fast for me. She wanted to streak her hair (I used wash out, coloured hairspray), pierce her ears (for the second time - which I said no to!) and generally be a teenager in a six year old's body. Yet she was still very much a little girl who wanted to play house, be read to and cuddle with mommy. I wanted to tell her, through this layout, that I will love her always, no matter what. We may not always like all the things our kids do, but we'll love them forever and ever...and then a little bit longer.

So whatever music means to you, let it enter your soul, and come dancing out onto your next page!


  1. I absolutely love this layout. I think it is incredibly gorgeous and so unique, but the story is phenomenal too. Well done!

  2. This is so beautiful and creative! I love the re-created keyboard with all your pictures. Awesome work!

  3. Brilliant idea Chriss!!! I adore this layout!