Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Senses of Summer Challenge - Link up here!

Hello - TGIF, and TGI New Challenge Day!

Just as Chriss said, summer is a rich sensory season! For smell, I think of sunscreen - we use a lot of that in my house! I also think of salty sea air at the beach - I can't get enough beach come summertime! For sound, how about waves lapping at the shore, seagulls crying, happy children calling and playing around the neighbourhood - or the oh-so-annoying drone of a mosquito somewhere in your room at night? Touch - bare feet on grass, the 'peach fuzz' of little boy summer buzz cuts, cold droplets of water hitting your skin as you duck into your neighbour's sprinkler...Sight - the flip flop tan lines on your feet, the riotous colours of a flower or vegetable garden, and the butterflies, dragonflies, or honeybees busying themselves there? And taste...oh yes. Berry season! Fresh peaches. Watermelon. Sweet corn on the cob! Iced coffee...Yes, summer is definitely a rich sensory season! What do the senses of summer mean to you? Share with us!

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