Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011 - The 'It's All About You!' Challenge...

This week's challenge is an 'AAM' (AKA 'All About Me')challenge. For all the scrapbooking we do, it seems that most of us are missing from our scrapbooks. Those of us who scrapbook are almost always the family photographers as well so pictures that include us seem to be hard to come by. We go to great lengths to document everything from the wonderful everyday moments to the milestones of our family members lives BUT we are missing from these pages, in photographs AND in presence or point of view...Sometimes I know I can feel a bit sheepish about shining the spotlight on myself. Not only am I very rarely ever happy with a picture of myself, but I also don't feel as comfortable focusing on myself as the subject of a scrapbook page or project...I'm hesitant to say, "Let's talk about ME now!". However, when I shift perspective just a bit and think about how much I would love to know more about my mother, or my grandmother, as a person beyond the role of mother or grandmother, or - the opportunity to get an inside glimpse of their thoughts or feelings about their role as mother or grandmother - wow! What an opportunity that would be. So then, I think of my children (or imagine my grandchildren) and realize - wouldn't they get a kick out of it? They would enjoy it. As well, how much might I enjoy it decades in the future, being able to look back at myself now? It makes sense, so throw off the cloak of modesty and declare, "Here I am! This is me!" I put the challenge out there for all of us, the family historians/photographers/scrapbookers...treat yourself, and your family, to a page (or an album!) all about you. To quote a well-known slogan, "Because we're worth it!"

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