Friday, July 23, 2010

Colour Inspiration, by Chriss Hird

This week's colour challenge rocks! These colours together are so cool, they're hot! Red, white and sky blue seems so summery to me - fresh, clean. Nautical themes also come to mind when I see these colours together. Yet when I saw this colour scheme, I had pictures in mind right away - the one's of my daughter and her BFF posing before their first Hip Hop competition. Their shorts were these colours exactly and now I had a starting point for this layout. See how just one simple idea, suggestion, inspiration, challenge can get your creative juices flowing?!

Fancy Pants' "Wishful Thinking" line really caught my eye. Penants and banners are really the new "It-Girl" of the summer. I hand cut the banner and swirl from two different patterened papers in the collection, and intertwined them. As the girls' Hip Hop competition is the subject of the layout, I felt the need to grunge it up a little. I downloaded a font from and printed it on patterened paper. I then adhered it to chipboard, cut it out and inked the edges.

The girls received a pin from the event, which I decided to incorporate into the layout. I thought this would be a good idea, as we all know what would happen to it if I didn't. It would get put into a High School Musical jewelry box, occasionally get pinned to something, end up in the junk drawer before being lost for good. So instead, I clipped off the pin and used my double sided tape to adhere it to the page. Now she's got it forever!

What do these colours say to you? Go with your intuition, play, experiment and most of all, have fun with it!


  1. Talk about inspired.. I love this layout... tfs

  2. i love the layering of the swirls and pennants!!! and the colours are just so fresh!

  3. Likin' how you added in some other colours to show what else will go with them.

  4. I agree with Jo, I love the swirls intertwined with the pennants! Fabulous layout!