Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Photos - Challenge

So what do you do with all of the photos of the kids on the lap of the mall Santa?  I have a friend who puts then all out on her mantle... each and every year is on display, which works really well if you have a large mantle or area and you want to track the kids through the years.

Another option is to scrap them ...  I don't know about you all but i have a hard time scrapping them ... so i choose one that was just a bit different ... and yes i remember it well ... at about the age of three my darling daughter learned to pout ... and she practiced a lot ... even with Santa ... This is the only year that i don't have a smiling child on Santa's lap, but it was a whole lot of fun to scrap ... So if you are having problems starting ... maybe try one where your child's expressions were something different  ... or something funny or unusual happened... then tackle the rest of the stack of photos ... your kids will appreciate it so much when they are older!

now that i have one under my belt i am raring to get going at the rest of them ... and it is fun to scrap a yearly progression of Santa's and your kids!


  1. Perfect title! I also have a few similar pics! Great layout!

  2. Well done, Jo!! I too have trouble with the Santa photos, but you're right - just get started, and maybe with a different focus...I love how you tied the title in clever! :)